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Dennis Garvey is currently booking the Sex, Drugs and Growing Old Tour. Mr. Garvey is a nationally recognized presenter having traveled the country for seven years presenting Life Transition Workshops for Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson and Johnson, AT+T, Pfizer and Time Warner.

List of clients:

Johnson + Johnson - U.S. Federal Reserve - Dupont - AOL Time Warner - SIAC- Pfizer - Sylvania - Heinz - Hershey - Pillsbury - Corning - Brystol Myers Squibb - Arizona Governors Conference on Aging

As the host of PRI Internationals “Successful Aging Radio” program Dennis interviews people of all ages and backgrounds to discover those characteristics that make their aging “successful”.

Listen to pod casts of the Successful Aging Radio program:

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The Secret of Life Theme Song

Sex Drugs and Growing Old - Book discusssion


When I Am An Od Woman


Longterm Care part A

Longterm Care part B