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About Sex, Drugs and Growing Old

Sex, Drugs and Growing Old — A Boomer’s Guide to Agingis an informative, enjoyable book that dispels many of the myths about aging. These myths steal the energy we need to fully enjoy life. The book explores what ‘aging’ is really about, seeing aging as a process and not a product.

The ultimate goal of this book is to help people move beyond their fears of aging into fully appreciating the possibilities that await us, as we grow older.


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Reviews of Sex Drugs and Growing Old: A Boomers Guide to Aging

I read a lot of books, many of which I enjoy but I don't remember all that well. Sex, Drugs and Growing Old is one of those books that changed the way I view an entire generation and, more importantly, changed my behavior in relation to that generation. I no longer make those broad statements about aging or those who have aged (and bring that up when those around me do), I no longer buy cards that negatively make fun of aging, and I have changed the way I view myself as I grow older. Thank you, Mr. Garvey, for this eye- and mind-opening book, and for showing me how to change my views in an area of my life I didn't even know needed changing! Also, thank you for the humor you used to point things out - I laughed out loud in some areas. —Sandra Thurman

A quick, entertaining read. Aging is viewed through the eyes of humor, compassion, and experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the insight Mr. Garvey shared with the reader. This book really calmed my nerves about growing older and laughter truly is the best medicine, even though aging can be seen as a very serious issue. Mr. Garvey's examples were engaging and so poignant. I would recommend this book to anyone as a MUST read. . . A great gift for parents, friends, and neighbors! —J Buehler